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How a middle block 'really' works - Why we do a chamber!

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

One of the most confusing and confused techniques in Taekwon-Do is the middle block. It is obvious to most people that the chamber position, for which there is no real explanation, is a hindrance rather than a help at delivering the block.

Used with the chamber position the way it is taught in most ITF style Taekwondo schools the chamber position will expose one’s face and take up valuable time by moving hands in the wrong direction, and will thus almost guarantee that the defender is punched in the face.

The chamber seems to have no purpose other than to protect the floating rib, a target area that is not high on the agenda for untrained thugs. Indeed, the only time the ITF style middle block is successful is when the conditions for its success are perfect and artificial i.e. in the heavily ritualized practice of set sparring.

So, what you may ask, is the purpose of the chamber at all? If it’s pointless why do we do it? Well the answer is obvious if a little heretical, the chamber is an essential element to blocking though not as we currently use it in ITF style TKD.

Have a look at this video clip from my new blocking course which goes into detail and demonstrates how effective the chamber and block can be, when done properly.

Check out the rest of this course for FREE by clicking this link. You will have to register to view it but that won't take long ;)

Let me know what you think !


Ciaran McDonald

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