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Transform 1 
Simple TKD Block Into
3 'Deadly' Techniques

Take your TKD
to the next level NOW!

Get your Free Guide on how to use your pressing block to:

  • Escape a lapel grab

  • Control a fallen opponent

  • Takedown an aggressor

  • Apply a joint lock


'Learn 3 essential applications for pressing block every Taekwon-do student should know'


'Learn 3 essential applications for pressing block every Taekwon-do student should know'

Does your pressing block lack realism?

Pressing Block.jpg
  • Are you still trying to block a kick and a punch at the same time?

  • Have you tried this? Its hard!

  • Why is it done in slow motion?

  • Doesn't it look like you'll break your hand?

  • Surely there must be a better explanation for what this is?

  • Surely it must have 'real' potential to save you from dangerous attackers?

Why do I need to know?

There are many secret or lost applications for techniques in the Taekwon-do system. The forms/patterns are full of these.  How can we really say we know our art unless we research them and truly seek to understand our applications? 


This short guide is an excerpt from a critically acclaimed book on this very subject.  Though there is an encyclopaedia full of basic applications for techniques it is known that General Choi Hong Hi, the creator of Taekwondo-do actively encouraged people to discover their own too.  


This guide will start you on that journey of discovery.

And it is FREE! 

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What You Will Get
  • Learn essential self defence against grabs, kicks and punches
  • Find out how to take down opponents using your pressing block
  • Discover efficient ground control techniques and joint locks in your TKD
  • Transform your patterns practice with these 'hidden applications'
  • Impress others with your new knowledge of Taekwon-do's 'secret history'
  • Feel more confident fighting at 'close range' with effective close quarter techniques
  • Enrich your TKD by exploring fascinating applications of the Chang-Hon Tuls  
  • Improve your 'one step sparring' with three NEW alternative responses 

Transform your Taekwondo-do  

Claim your FREE Guide to pressing block now!

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