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A Taekwon-do joke - Christmas Cracker Version

I wrote this joke as I love TKD and its good to see 'the funny' in our art and not take everything so seriously. However, like most good jokes, there is a moral in it ;)

Whats wrong with Taekwon-do?

Three martial artists are walking down the road when they see an old woman being attacked by a trio of thugs intent on stealing her hand bag.

The judo guy takes one step towards the thugs but is pulled back by the boxer and the taekwon-do guy as it immediately becomes apparent the old lady can handle herself. “let her do her stuff they say”

Her first move is to use the pulling of the handbag strap to propel her spinning into one assailant. The assailant is instantly winded permitting the old lady to grab his arm and smash him into the floor with an ipon seo nage.

The Judo guy is impressed “nice throw he says”

Next the old lady defends against a windmilling thug. She dips beneath his outstretched arm bobbing and weaving and rising to clatter the thugs jaw with a beautiful left hook. He hits the ground like a sack of potatoes.

The boxer is shocked “Wow, textbook counter he says”

The final thug is outraged by the capitulation of his colleagues and runs at the old lady brandishing a knife and issuing a blood curdling scream. The old lady leans back to evade the blade and delivers a devastating side kick to the throat.

The thug deflates immediately and lies on the floor clutching his broken windpipe.

The Taekwon-do guys steps forward and says:

“Terrible foot position!

She’ll never become a blackbelt like that”

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