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What is Old School Perspectives?

Old School Perspectives on Taekwondo-Do was created by me Ciaran McDonald because I love TKD.  


It is my mission to bring to the Taekwondo-do world the lost practices and the hidden applications of the Tae Kwon Do patterns.  


I believe that by rediscovering the 'Old School' methods we can make Taekwondo relevant for the self defence needs of the 21st century. 

Who am I and why should you care?

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My Name is Ciaran McDonald M.A., M.Ed.  I am an academic, celebrated author and martial arts nut.


I started Martial arts in the 1980's when I studied karate.   But my true love is TKD and I have been involved with it for the last 20 years.  As a young man I competed regularly and spent huge amounts of time perfecting my side kick. I loved the sparring and the patterns but I always felt there was something missing.  


As a child and a young man I had numereous violent encounters and though I never felt comfortable with violence I grew to recognise and prepare for the chaotic and frenetic nature of it.  


However, it always perplexed me why my TKD training, which consisted predominantly of the heavily ritualised 3 step sparring or the rule bound arena of free sparring, never looked anything like my encounters of ‘real world’ violence.  

I felt unprepared and VERY vulnerable...  


The more I trained the more worried I was that I would not be able to defend myself if I was attacked.  I suspected that the patterns had some great self defence but no one I met could confirm it.  So I went on a journey a discovery to confirm what I always suspected. 

The patterns were the answer I was looking for  


My journey took me round the world and I trained in many grappling systems and striking arts.  Many of these arts seemed to have some of the answers but none had all of what I was looking for until I met Patrick McCarthy 9th Dan in Koryo Uchinadi.  Through him I learnt an old form of application based karate which dealt with all manner of violent encounters in a systematised and hands on way.  I learnt:


  • Pressure point striking  

  • Throwing

  • Ground fighting

  • Strangulation

  • Joint manipulation

  • Clinch work

  • And kata applications



All the bits that were missing from TKD.  I suddenly felt I was not vulnerable and had no gaps in my defences.  Not only that but the Old School Karate was so similar to the TKD patterns that I began to learn 


The 'REAL' and secret self-defence applications from the TKD patterns


 I began to see that hidden within plane sight, within the patterns of TKD, were all the self defence techniques I would ever need to defend myself.  

Though I was already a 3rd degree and Instructor in Taekwon-do I decided to gain my blackbelt and teaching qualification from Hanshi Patrick McCarthy 9th Dan and in 2012 I opened my own school teaching Koryu Uchinadi (KU).  I was now an instructor in both TKD and Old School Karate. 


But TKD was my first love and I wanted to share my findings with the world of `TKD'

Thats why I founded 'Old School Perspectives on Taekwon-do'  

Inspired by this need  I wrote and published a critically acclaimed book: "Old School Perspectives on Taekwon-do"  designed to help the TKD world find the most effective self-defence in the TKD patterns and make it ready for self-defence in the ‘real world’.   


This book got 10 out of 10 from six Grand Masters and countless masters.


I used this knowledge to design online courses to bring the secrets to the Taekwondo-do world and help people find the ‘real’ self-defence in the beautiful patterns of TKD.  

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