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Celebrated Taekwon-do author and creator of the OSP system                 Ciaran McDonald M.A.,M.Ed. reveals the secret applications...

Could YOU use Joong-Gun Tul to protect yourself and your loved ones 


"Feel confident in the knowledge that with just one pattern you can defend against the worlds most common types of violence."

Transform your Takwon-do training with the unique OSP approach

Do you want to learn 24 TKD patterns and never understand any of them?

"Both book and online course are well researched and presented, and as always the emphasis is on using TKD to deal with HAOV (Habitual Acts Of Violence). This is just the sort of resource that the TKD community need to make TKD complete.

General Choi's encyclopaedia explains how to do TKD.  The Old School Perspectives series of resources is the WHY we do it!"

 - David Price, 5th Degree - Head instructor of Charnwood TKD

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Do your Taekwon-do Patterns offer you 'real' self-defence? 

Taekwon-do is an incredibly effective art at long range.  TKD people are the best at kicking and our sparring is exciting and dynamic. However, real violence happens in very close proximity.  

Bad guys may use subterfuge, distraction or simply rush you to get close. This ‘real violence’ doesn’t occur at the range TKD trains for.  And violence takes many forms other than just punches, kicks and blocks.



Does you training prepare you for being:


  • grabbed and seized 

  • bear hugged 

  • strangled 

  • pulled by hair 

  • thrown 

  • head locked 

  • thrust against a wall 

  • repeatedly hit with hook punches 

  • head butted


If the answer is no, then your Taekwon-do needs upgrading!

So what should you do?

Where can you find the techniques you need to feel confident you could protect yourself at all ranges and against all types of attacks?

"As a 4 foot 9 inch tall woman I really value effective self defence. It helps me feel confident when walking home alone after dark.

I love Ciaran's unique teaching method as it ensures I get maximum amount of meaningful practice in a safe and injury free environment.

True proof of this system was when I used my skills to escape from the control of a large aggressive man who grabbed me on a night out.  I feel lucky I studied this."

Alice Roberts 5th Kup - Student of the OSP System

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Is your knowledge black belt standard?

Being an instructor means being a black belt!

But this should mean having blackbelt standard knowledge as well as blackbelt skills.  

If you don't know how to apply the moves, how can you teach them?

If you can't teach them to your students or colleagues, what will you say when they ask?

If your students can't get the answers they seek from you, where will they go? Could they leave? 

Then you MUST change that!


When we teach others TKD we need to be confident that we are giving the BEST advice.  Our Knowledge MUST be black belt standard

See how easy you can become an expert!

Watch an example technique below
Application2 pressing the head

Application2 pressing the head

Play Video

Does this sound familiar?

Pressing Block 2.jpg

Many of the explanations you've received for applications of techniques just don't seem realistic.

You don't think they would work in the real world.

  • You know that the patterns contain great self defence but no one seems to know what it is

  • You want someone to show you in a step by step process how to use your patterns to REALLY defend yourself 

You don't want to waste your time studying another martial art in order to find great self defence. You need a clear and detailed program to help you transform your TKD self defence.

I have developed a simple and respected system that will guarantee you results.  

You can stop wasting time scratching your head at the impossible applications to your patterns. Adopt a unique approach that will guarantee you have the knowledge needed to use your TKD to defend yourself and your loved ones.  


 You need a unique training system that will teach you all you need to defend yourself.  

I've been where you are.  Let me help!


My Name is Ciaran McDonald M.A., M.Ed. author of the critically acclaimed book 'Old School Perspectives on Taekwon-do'

worked for many years as a teacher in the UKs best universities. I'm a full time instructor, a proud husband / father of two little children and a martial arts nut. 


I LOVE Taekwon-do.  And I've been where you are now!


I spent many years learning TKD patterns but never knew what was in them. I felt that the so called 'self defence' I was learning was over ritualised and ineffect.  I felt vulnerable.  I felt a fraud teaching my students that their Taekwon-do would protect them.  

So I went on a journey of discovery.   I researched and studied and taught many arts to find effective self-defence. I began to feel confident in my abilities and I acquired a huge tool box of techniques and strategies.

But the revelation that shocked me most was that all that I had learnt was already in TKD.

'It was all hidden in the patterns'

This discovery completely transformed my Taekwon-do and my approach to pattern study.  Suddenly I had found an effective way to use the patterns to teach my students effective self defence and have them remember it with ease.


So I made it my mission to share this great discovery with my Taekwondo-do brothers and sisters.

  1. You don't have to squander £50,000 travelling the world seeking experts!

  2. You don't have to spend huge amounts of time away from your family!

  3. You don't have to take up other arts to improve the one you love, TKD! 

'Thats why I designed the OSP system'

So you can transform your TKD study without it costing you in time, money and pain  

OSP Presents

Understanding Joong-Gun Tul: Applications and Drills


Discover the hidden self-defence in Joong-Gun Tul. Transform your patterns practice into   something you can use to 'REALLY' protect yourself and your loved ones 

Follow my clear and concise plan in order to avoid overwhelm.  Using my unique training methods you will gain fantastic confidence in your new hand on skills.

When you enrol on my video course you'll get access to the hidden self defence and the lost practices that bring the patterns of Taekwon-do to life.

Best of all you'll own a set of techniques that work at all ranges and against all types of violent agressor

And here's what that look's like...

Realistic Self Defence Techniques - No need to study Krav Maga or MMA to learn effective self defence techniques. This course will teach you how to apply Taekwon-do patterns to many of the most common habitual acts of physical violence. You'll learn escapes, throws, joint locks, takedowns, pressure point striking and all contained in the one pattern

Every Part of Joong-Gun Tul Clearly Explained - You'll get detailed and super clear explanations of each and every technique of this fantastic pattern. These demonstrations are designed using educational principles so I guarantee you'll be able to follow with ease and teach with confidence.

Extensive Range of Options - I believe that everyone is an individual and what works for one may not for others.  This is why my program offers lots of options for dealing with the same problem. You'll get options to either disengage, finish a fight or employ a variety of control mechanisms.  So whatever your need I've got it covered. 

Revolutionary Training Method - The OSP system employs continuous two person flow drills to maximise repitition and ensure a safe but dynamic method of training even the most dangerous techniques.  This is a world first in TKD as never before has an entire pattern been taught this way. You'll learn so much faster and enjoy the journey so much more.


This unique course will empower you to transcend long range Taekwon-do and defend up close and personal.

Using just Joong-Gun Tul you'll be able to: 

  • Employ pressure points to break structure 

  • Throw an opponent

  • Control a fallen attacker 

  • Choke rather than strike

  • Manipulate a joint

  • Survive in a clinch 

  • Apply an ankle lock

  • Block hook punches

  • Escape lapel grabs

  • Escape head locks

  • Escape wrist grabs

  • Apply an arm bar

  • Deflect straight punches

  • Effectively use a knife hand block

  • Safely catch round kicks

  • Use Joong-Gun as an aide memoire 

  • Teach all this to others

The OSP system will reinvigorate your practice of Joong-Gun Tul.  
You'll be able to use this pattern to remember all the self defence applications you need.  
With positive visualisation every solo performance can be preparing you for the realities of combat. 
Course structure 
Divided into  short defences sequences contained in the patterns, each lesson will deal with a common act of violence. You will discover the underlying principles of each technique. You'll be able to contrast these with the often fanciful explanations currently taught by those who don't know.  Most lessons offer alternatives for those of different body shapes or dispositions. So you can choose what works for YOU!
Section.1 - Lessons
Lesson.1 - Middle knife hand block, kick, upward palm block: Chinese concepts of deflecting and evading.  Attacking the elbows and knees from a straight punch
Lesson.2 - Knife hand guarding block upward elbow strike: Principles of dealing with hook punches & chambers. Okinawan use of 'hikite'. Striking from inside or outside a clinch.  
Lesson.3 - Twin vertical punch, twin upset punch: Using pressure points and balance to break structure.  Escaping the double lapel grab
Lesson.4 - X-fist rising block to high punch: Issues with current release and alternative.  Takedown using pulling arrows.
Lesson.5 - Double forearm block to side kick: Motubu Choki and 'Mother and Child Hands'. Why range is important. Hip throwing with the legs
Lesson.6 - Pressing block: Reality versus fantasy.  How pressing can be used to take opponents down. Three uses for one block. Control methods of the fallen.
Lesson.7 - Circular block: Punching round corners? Applying collar chokes, Yoo Sin Tul and stepping off line
Lesson.8 - U-shaped block: The bo staff misconception. Structures on the head to break balance. Escaping the side chancery.  
Section.2 Flow drills
This section contains the unique two person flow drills that exemplify the OSP system. These unique training methods guarantee improvement in sensitivity whilst maximising repetition.
They contain all the techniques of the full pattern Joong-Gun Tul
as well `as numerous extra escapes and counters from many of the techniques included.
Flow drill version.1 - 70% speed demonstration 
Flow drill version.2 - Learning Speed 
Flow drill version.3 - Slow motion with narrated explanation
Flow drill version.4 - Slow motion angle 2

View on any device, anywhere, anytime.

Using Thinkific's fantastic educational platform this course can be accessed using any modern media device: smart phone, tablet laptop or desktop.

  • The course can be viewed as many times as you like.  Once you enrol it's yours for LIFE.

  • With built in feedback and email system you can get the support you need.  I am always available to help with advice on techniques or drills should you need it

  • Highly responsive controls you can select lessons, freeze scenes and skip at will. Thinkific will bookmark where you left off


  • For particularly technical study users may select from any of up to 8 different playback speeds. 

Mobile dev.png

Plus You'll also Get FREE

Sensitivity Drills for TKD: Solo Drilling- Worth £24.99

Practise the techniques of Joong-Gun Tul
WITHOUT a partner

Inspired by the pressure COVID-19 has placed on TKD students the world over. This course offers a unique set solo sensitivity drills that will empower the Taekwon-do student to do partner work, even without a partner.

With over 25 minutes of drills and explanation you'll discover how  increase your tactile sensitivity in order to control an opponent.


With 5 dynamic drills you can safely practice using your middle block for 'sticking' to your opponent whilst transitioning into:

  1. Punches

  2. Palm strikes

  3. Ridge hands

  4. Joint Attacks or 

  5. Strangulation

wchun monitor.jpg

Never be without a partner again

You'll Also learn the simple DIY necessary to make your own outdoor solo training aid

Worth £24.99 you will receive this completly FREE 

See what others think of  

'Old School Perspectives on Taekwon-do'

The OSP system is a series of books and courses designed to offer the TKD enthusiast a valuable new depth to their study. I am using my research to help instructors and students get the most from their patterns.  OSP offers effective ways to utilise TKD that don't exist elsewhere.  


See what others think of my book.

James Tjin A Ton.jpg

GM James Tjin A Ton

9th Degree ITF

Your book is great
and I recommend this book to all students of ITF Patterns 
gm pl.jpg

GM Paul Liversidge

9th Degree ITC

10 out of 10
one of the best books I've read on Tae Kwon-Do.
Patrick McCarthy Endorsement.jpg

GM Patrick McCarthy 9th Degree K.U.

Highly recommended
is Ciaran McDonald's seminal work, "Old School Perspectives on TKD,"

GM Mel Steiner 9th Degree ITF USA

Should be REQUIRED reading
for all Ch’ang Hon black belts from 9th dan down. Kudos to Mr. McDonald for exposing the short comings of “our” art. 
Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 18.00.00.png

Stuart Anslow 5th Degree 

Author and Editor 

A joy to read
 well thought out, researched thoroughly and presented well .

The GOLDEN RULE Guarantee


1) If you don't learn more about the your Taekwon-do patterns         from this course than you knew before,

2) If it doesn't provide you with a whole new method of study,

3) If this course doesn't breathe life into your patterns practice, 


… then I will refund your money, no questions asked.


I do unto others what I want done to me.


I've got your back!


"A big thank you to Ciaran McDonald for this piece of it! 

Very good explanation! I enjoyed listening to his views. The applications are what is missing from some Taekwondo schools...and what makes it a complete martial art. 

After all its the Korean art of Self Defence... Right? 

This is a MUST for all Taekwondo Instructors and students. 

Scott McMillan 5th Degree - Head instructor Phoenix Taekwon-Do

scott photo.jpg

Get Started Today for JUST
£24.99 (was £49.99)
next 48 hours ONLY

Start your Journey today 
Take your TKD to the next level
Become an expert in pattern applications NOW!
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6 Frequently Asked Questions

No, once you purchase the course it is yours for life.

You can access it as many times as you like FOREVER!

  1. Is there a time limit for this course?

4.Could my students use   this?

Yes they could.  

The OSP system is designed so that it can be introduced at any grade. In fact I believe elements of it should be taught to white belts.

Yes you certainly can.  

This course can be accessed from any device: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

2.    Can I watch this on my            mobile?

What price do you place on your Taekwon-do?  This course will unlock the secrets of the patterns and offer you a new way to fall in love with Taekwon-do again.

5.    Is it worth the money?

No! The techniques and drills contained within this course are universally applicable and someone with a background in WT Taekwondo, ITF Taekwon-do, Tang Soo Do or Karate would all benefit equally.  

3.    Do I need to be know ITF        Taekwon-do?

Yes! The techniques taught here do not rely on youth or flexibility.

They are effective but not complicated and the demonstrations are VERY easy to follow.

6.   Can I do this?

Get Started Today for £49.99

Start your Journey today 
Take your TKD to the next level
How can you NOT understand the art you love!

It's Descision Time

You're standing at the crossroads


Ahead of you lie two roads:

On the left is the one you've been on. It's full of dead ends and dogma and seems to be going nowhere different!


On the right a is the road less travelled

 It's full of enlightenment and exploration. It promises excitement and new challenges.  

Choose the right road!

Let's start that journey of discovery together.



PS - Every journey starts with one step. It may be frightening to try something new or stand out from the crowd.  But we should embrace the challenge. Don't get stuck in a rut. Take the first step toward a different future and invest in your Taekwon-do today. 

Get Started Today for £49.99

Start your Journey now 
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