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It is the mission of Old School Perspectives to bring to the Taekwondo world the lost practices and hidden applications of the TKD Patterns.  


We believe that by rediscovering the 'Old School' methods we can keep Tae Kwon Do relevant for the self defence needs of the 21st century.  

See what others think of my book


GM James Tjin A Ton

9th Degree ITF

Your book is great
and I recommend this book to all students of ITF Patterns 

GM Paul Liversidge

9th Degree ITC

10 out of 10
one of the best books I've read on Tae Kwon-Do.

GM Patrick McCarthy 9th Degree K.U.

Highly recommended
is Ciaran McDonald's seminal work, "Old School Perspectives on TKD,"

GM Mel Steiner 9th Degree ITF USA

Should be REQUIRED reading
for all Ch’ang Hon black belts from 9th dan down. Kudos to Mr. McDonald for exposing the short comings of “our” art. 

Stuart Anslow 5th Degree 

Author and Editor 

A joy to read
 well thought out, researched thoroughly and presented well .

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