Should you wish to learn straight  from the source then Ciaran McDonald is available on selected dates to come to your dojo/dojang.  He will require Soya milk for his tea though ;).  Should you wish only a few hours instruction then a seminar with Ciaran is a possibility. However, if you feel a day is not long enough then weekend courses may cover your study needs and help you get your teeth into the material.  Other options are available.

If You like the Old School Perspectives ideas and training methods and would like the opportunity for hands on instruction from a qualified and proven instructor in both ITF Taekwon-do and Old School Karate, then it makes sense to get Ciaran McDonald down to your dojang.  Though Ciaran only does 6 seminars a year  if you get your request in quickly it will be considered.  Rates available on application.

Weekend courses

Weekend courses provide a real opportunity to get your teeth into the substance of the the Old School Perspective on the Chang Hong Tuls. Take the opportunity to get a real feel for the lost skills and practices that make ITF style tuls come to life.  

Syllabus Design

With an extensive background in both education and martial arts, Old School Perspectives are uniquely placed to help you integrate your new knowledge into your existing curriculum or help you design a more appropriate one. We can help  you with guidance on techniques, drills, assessments,, risk assessments, gradings, etc. Contact us for advice or full collaborative design. We are here to help.

Private  Classes

If you are not able to make it to a class or a seminar than maybe you can hire Ciaran McDonald for a private session.  These are very rare and Ciaran only does 3 to 4 a they are not cheap. Contact us and may be we can sort something out for you

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